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EOFY Marketing Audit

Posted by Brett Hall on 15 June 2016
EOFY Marketing Audit
  Nevermind winter, EOFY is here ! June, like January, is a month for taking stock. With still another six months left in the year, it is the perfect opportunity to make sure you're on track with your goals and making the most of your marketing budget while you still have time to realign if you need to.   But where do you start? To help you create greater marketing impact we've put together the EOFY Marketing Audit, so take a 10-minute break, grab a coffee and...
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4 ways to help keep momentum over the Easter season

Posted by Brett Hall on 21 March 2016
4 ways to help keep momentum over the Easter season
The holiday season can often work to extremes in business, you are either run off your feet or left twiddling your thumbs. While the best way to guard against holiday slumps is to plan in advance, there are quick and easy ways you can help boost your holiday sales. Sound to good to be true? Here are four ways to keep momentum this holiday season.   1. Look to upsell or cross-sell customers Your quickest and easiest sales will always come from your existing customers so s...
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Six Reasons to Keep Using Social Media for Business

Posted by Brett Hall on 18 February 2016
    We've all heard about the benefits of social media, and because of it most of us have a business presence on at least one of the social media platforms. But when reach is low and our time is tight we can start to wonder if this whole social media thing is just a giant waste of our time. Sound familiar?   Well chin up, it's time to change your perspective with these six reasons to keep using social media for your business.   1. Your cu...
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4 reasons you should use the cloud for business

Posted by Brett Hall on 10 September 2015
4 reasons you should use the cloud for business
  Ever had your doubts about working in the cloud?   Wondered how something you can't see and can't touch can be trusted to have such a great and positive impact on your business?   There's a reason why more and more businesses are headed to the cloud and to help you make the shift, here we'll dispel some myths and give you the four reasons you should use the cloud for your business.     1. Everything in one place ...
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Advertising vs Google AdWords & Remarketing

Posted by Brett Hall on 24 August 2015
Advertising vs Google AdWords & Remarketing
  Advertising is one of the most common ways to get exposure for your products and services but is it the most effective? The truth is if you are advertising and not using Google AdWords and Remarketing, chances are you are losing money in advertising and here's why :   You aren't connecting with the right people In order to increase awareness and sales you have to get your brand, products and services out in front of your ideal customers. While advertisin...
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Year end & Xmas Gifts
Posted by Brett Hall on 24 October 2019
NEED HELP WITH YEAR END THANK YOU GIFTS FOR STAFF & CLIENTS ? The end of 2019 and xmas is only 9 weeks away !...

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