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4 Ways Branded Emails can Increase prospects

Posted by Brett Hall on 21 August 2013
4 Ways Branded Emails can Increase prospects
  Four ways branded emails can boost prospects  Emailing is the most common form of business communication today. The average person spends over seven hours on email every week and sends tens if not hundreds of emails each day. Emails are delivered more frequently than business cards and are used more often than brochures, yet surprisingly so many business owners don't think to use their email communication to also communicate the value they can provide prospects and...
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4 Tips for creating a mobile friendly website

Posted by Brett Hall on 7 August 2013
4 Tips for creating a mobile friendly website
Four tips for creating a profitable mobile friendly website Did you know that mobile searches will surpass desktop searches by 2014 and global smartphone use will reach 2 billion by 2015? Mobile devices are now the predominant tool people use for communicating, emailing, social networking, taking photos, entertainment and increasingly for researching and purchasing products and services online. Having a mobile friendly website is no longer an optional extra, it’s a marketing...
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Email Marketing : 5 Tips to get greater results

Posted by Brett Hall on 24 July 2013
Email Marketing: Five Tips to get greater results from every email sent   Every day over 144.8 billion emails are sent. With tens if not hundreds of emails coming to your clients and potential clients each day, how can you ensure your email stands out from the crowd and gets results?   Here are five tips to help you get greater results from your email marketing.    1. Choose your subject line wisely Your subject line is the headline equivalent o...
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Is your Website mobile friendly ?

Posted by Brett Hall on 23 April 2013
IS YOUR WEBSITE RESPONSIVE & MOBILE READY YET ? Given the unprecedented growth and increase in mobile device use and web search, business websites that are responsive and mobile ready are set to take full advantage and benefit from this growing trend. Google who commands almost 70% share of online search and who has experienced over a 400% increase in search via mob...
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Make Every Email Count !

Posted by Brett Hall on 14 February 2013
Make Every Email Count !
Making Every Email Count ! These days most businesses communicate with their clients, prospects and associates via E-newsletters/email marketing which is generally done either once a month or quarterly. What many businesses have not realized is that they are missing out on a massive opportunity to optimize a communication channel that they already own and use daily – their email. Think about it – every day you and your colleagues may send hundreds of emails to your existin...
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Does every email you send do this ?
Posted by Brett Hall on 3 May 2019
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