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Branded Emails vs Email Marketing

Posted by Brett Hall on 28 October 2013

Most astute business people will be pretty familiar with email marketing or newsletter marketing, e-marketing, database marketing as it is also known. Typically this is your one too many email distribution/communication. However many people are not aware of the huge communication channel that they use every day which is sitting right under their nose and are probably not utilizing to its full capability– yes, that’s correct, it’s your everyday email.

So here’s a quick comparison to evaluate some key features and benefits on these “communication channels”


Branded Emails :


  • Branded Emails Works with most email systems ie Outlook, Google apps for business, Macmail, Exchange servers etc
  • Used on every outbound email sent by staff on a daily basis
  • Promotes your Brand, Products and Services every day
  • Has an estimated 95% + “view rate”
  • Highly targeted – email communications with clients and prospects daily
  • Helps drive traffic to your website and the instant click alerts let you know who is looking at what on your website instantly while they also help track which products/services appeal to customers the most
  • Ensures your business email remains uniform in appearance and that signatures/ disclaimers are applied and can be self managed
  • Gets through most spam filters and firewalls as it is embedded in your email
  • Has reporting features – instant click alerts, click reports by advert, template, user, group of users, the business unit. No of emails sent vs clicks received and so forth
  • Can be self managed (if required)
  • Extremely cost effective form of advertising and promotion
  • No cost per email as you are using your own daily email


Request a license free trial - click here


Email Marketing :

  • Most good websites will have a built-in Database marketing system or otherwise it will need to be used/purchased as a stand alone system ie Mailchimp
  • Generally sent to prospects or clients once a month or in my case once a quarter
  • Mostly informative and educational
  • Generally has an approximate 20-30% open rate which is considered to be good
  • Can be highly susceptible to spam filters - ideally the system should be able to assess this prior to sending out the newsletters to ensure a better "reach" rate
  • Has reporting features – ie open rate, click through rate, bounce rate, opt outs etc
  • Can be self managed
  • Can be costly as quantity/volume of emails sent is usually billable
  • Requires recipients to have opted in to receive the email newsletter
  • Trial it for free - click here




As can be seen both Branded Emails and Email Marketing have their respective place and should form part of any company’s marketing and communication strategy with the key emphasis being on measurability.

Further information on both Branded Emails and Email Marketing can be found on www.wizids.com or feel free to contact us on (07) 5530 4375

Author: Brett Hall
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