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Email Marketing : 5 Tips to get greater results

Posted by Brett Hall on 24 July 2013

Email Marketing: Five Tips to get greater results from every email sent


Every day over 144.8 billion emails are sent. With tens if not hundreds of emails coming to your clients and potential clients each day, how can you ensure your email stands out from the crowd and gets results?


Here are five tips to help you get greater results from your email marketing. 


1. Choose your subject line wisely

Your subject line is the headline equivalent on your email. It may even be the only opportunity to capture your audience's attention and get them to open and read your email.

For best results, use it to establish your value by addressing a challenge they have, a benefit they need or an offer they want.


2. Personalise your email marketing

Don’t send out a blanket email to hundreds of contacts with ‘Dear business owner’ (or something similar) as the header, general statements like this immediately strip any personal touch from your email and can be skipped over and lost in a sea of emails.

If you don't have the names of the people you are emailing, or a program that will insert their names, consider using a pain or benefit driven headline that will appeal to most if not all readers. As strange as it may sound, a plain headline can often be more personal than sweeping statement like  'Dear business owner'.


3. Keep your email content in the viewing pane

If possible keep your email, or at least the main points of your email, within the viewing pane. The less you rely on your reader scrolling the better.


4. Make your email clear and concise

Keep in mind that your readers have a shorter attention span on the web, so make sure your email is concise and to the point. Also make sure it is easy to read and easy to understand, so keep that industry jargon in check.


5. Create a call to action

Every email you write, whether it is as part of a marketing campaign or every day communication with your clients, should have a branded call to action on it.  So ask yourself “what do I want my readers to do once they’ve finished reading my message?”


Really want to get more from your email?

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Author:Brett Hall
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