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Make Every Email Count !

Posted by Brett Hall on 14 February 2013
Make Every Email Count !
Making Every Email Count !

These days most businesses communicate with their clients, prospects and associates via E-newsletters/email marketing which is generally done either once a month or quarterly.

What many businesses have not realized is that they are missing out on a massive opportunity to optimize a communication channel that they already own and use daily – their email.

Think about it – every day you and your colleagues may send hundreds of emails to your existing and prospective new clients which are ultimately your core target market.  Therefore would it not make sense to be able to promote your Brand, products and services in a professional manner on every email that they receive ? You now have the power of email broadcasting in every email you send out rather than in just one monthly campaign !

It’s easy to use. You don’t have to download any new software or install a new application. You send a branded email just like you would a regular email, using your normal email programs such as Outlook, Macmail, Google mail and so forth. What’s more is it is trackable and measurable – meaning it gives you a measurable return on investment (ROI) and helps drive traffic to your website – your own form of SEO done by just sending your email as per normal.

So, go on – make every email you send count !

Author: Brett Hall
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