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Six Reasons to Keep Using Social Media for Business

Posted by Brett Hall on 18 February 2016



We've all heard about the benefits of social media, and because of it most of us have a business presence on at least one of the social media platforms. But when reach is low and our time is tight we can start to wonder if this whole social media thing is just a giant waste of our time. Sound familiar?


Well chin up, it's time to change your perspective with these six reasons to keep using social media for your business.


1. Your customers are there

It's very rare these days to find someone not on a form of social media. Your current and potential customers are already there and waiting for you, you just need to find, connect and engage with them. Not having much luck? Why not try an offline competition to get your existing customers to come over and like or follow you?


2. Fast communication

With email inboxes becoming so cluttered social media is becoming the new way to communicate. Need quick audience interaction such as a flash sale, or to get customer feedback? Social media is the NOW and live. You are likely to get an immediate response that you can either benefit from or implement quickly.


3. New audience and opportunities

Social media platforms are free and fun to use so naturally more people are hanging out there. This opens you up to an entirely new audience and it makes you visible to friends of customers without having to wait for them to refer you.

With the ability to post a wide range of updates it's also a great way to get people back to your website through blog posts, sales and using web links on engaging posts, and an opportunity to build your database by promoting an opt-in to subscribe to your database.


4. Assists in increasing your search ranking

Regular interaction on social media and the use of keyword hastags can result in your social media platform ranking higher than your website in search engines. This give your business more exposure than just relying on your website and SEO tags alone.


5. Multiple touch points

When a customer or potential customer likes your page or follows you they are giving you permission to enter their lives on a daily basis no other form of marketing can offer you this many touch points for free!


6. Market research

Want to test out an advertisement or perfect your message before you embark on a serious advertising and marketing campaign? Social media offers a low cost way to do this.

From asking for direct feedback from customers to trialling low cost social media advertising campaigns you can get the answers you need before you outlay significant money on advertising.


Find you lack the words, knowledge or time to make your social media accounts pop? Contact us now to find out how you can get your social media back on track.


Have you found social media effective in helping your business?


Author: Brett Hall
Tags: Business Social Media Online Marketing

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