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Six Ways To Increase The Open Rate of Your Newsletter

Posted by Brett Hall on 22 July 2015
Six Ways To Increase The Open Rate of Your Newsletter
Newsletter marketing or email marketing is a proven way to successfully grow your customer base and get your existing customers back buying with you sooner. Yet many businesses struggle to get a good number of their database to even open their email newsletters.

To help, here are six must-do practices to make sure your email newsletter gets opened by more and more of the customers and prospects on your business' database :


1. Make the subject line enticing

As one of the very first elements your recipients see, the newsletter subject line must grab their attention and cut through the clutter of a jam-packed inbox. The best way to do that is to:

  • Personalise the subject line so it contains the name of the recipient
  • Include as much relevant information as you can
  • Be thoughtful about your word choices rather than making the subject line a last minute rush
  • Promote a sense of urgency
  • Avoid phrases that sound like 'spam'


2. Consider your email sender name

The 'from' or 'sender' name that displays your email should be your second focus. With increased busyness of life these days, many people simply skim their email accounts looking for recognised names of people and businesses. So be sure the 'from' name of your newsletters is meaningful to your readers.


3. Get your timing right

The time that you send your newsletters has a big impact on open rates. Generally business emails have a greater response rate if sent Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in the late morning or early afternoon. And emails direct to customers using personal email addresses often get better results when sent early evening. Ideally it's best to test what works well for your business. 


4.  Consider your frequency

Deciding how frequently to send email newsletters to your database is tricky if you send too often your readers will get tired of hearing from you, send too infrequently and they'll forget who you are. Frequency is also impacted by how often your database consumes you product. Test various frequencies to find your business' sweet spot.


5. Give readers high quality content

When your newsletter readers know you are sending high quality content that is interesting, informative, and valuable to them, your open rates improve. And doing this consistently further improves your open rates. So be sure to meet your customers' needs in the newsletter, not just your business needs.


6. Segment your list

Grouping your email recipients by their interests, industry, product needs or other categories helps open rates. Find out as much as you can when prospects and customers sign up to your newsletter, analyse their click through and buying behaviour, or send a survey to understand their needs. Then send your emails to address the specific needs of your segmented groups.

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Author:Brett Hall
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