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Wow your customers with offline opportunities

Posted by Brett Hall on 23 May 2017
Wow your customers with offline opportunities

With a prominent push towards digital marketing for greater leverage, reach and cost-effectiveness, it can be easy to forget offline marketing strategies altogether. But with business success still dependent on building relationships and creating "wow" moments with our customers, forgetting to market yourself offline too can be a critical business mistake.

Now at the risk of you thinking we've blasted back to marketing past, we want to remind you about two effective ways you can increase your brand awareness, personal connection with customers and opportunity to wow them to increase word of mouth offline.

Brand Apparel

When you and your team are meeting and greeting customers, attending networking events, making deliveries or running errands your uniform speaks for your brand before you have even opened your mouth. With the ability to showcase your logo, colour and key brand messages you and your team become a walking, talking advertisement for your business.

And of course, apparel doesn't just have to be just for you and your team either! Shirts, caps and even socks can be great customer giveaways - just make sure they are high quality, clever or stylish to ensure more customer take up.

Promotional Items

Every day you, your team and your customers are using essential items that could have your name on it so you stay front of mind. Think pens, notebooks, phone holders, shopping lists, to-do lists, diaries, highlighters, calculators, umbrellas, water bottles, golf balls and more.

Think about the products that would be under your customer's nose - in the office, at home, or in the car - and what items tie into the theme of the products and services you provide. Imagine then how they would feel getting a little thank you gift either in the mail or from you personally the next time they see you.

Promotional items are also great for your new employee onboarding process. A welcome gift pack of supplies and promotional products they will use can make a great first impression, and we all know that a great customer experience starts with a great employee experience.

Want another sneaky tip? You can often snag great bargains regularly on both apparel and promotional items particularly now coming up to the End of Financial Year.

Want ideas or pricing on apparel and promotional items that would suit your business or fit into your existing marketing activities? Call us today on (07) 5530 4375.

Author: Brett Hall
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