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Branded Explainer Videos are growing in popularity as people realise the HUGE cost effective value in delivering their key business offerings to new & existing customers. Video effectively becomes a Valuable sales tool that can be used on your website, in your email signature and via your social media and marketing communication to help educate & drive sales enquiries to your business. 

Explainer Videos and Corporate Videos are truelly an easy, professional and cost effective way to market and promote your business, products or services.                                                                   

Benefits of Branded Explainer Videos :                                                                     

  • Grab attention - Customers would far rather watch a 30 sec - 2 minute video about  your Business, Products or Services than have to read a lot of text. 
  • To the point - People are time poor, so the faster & more easily they can learn about your Business, product or service the better
  • Effectiveness - Video appeals to more senses (sight, sound & text) and conveys your message more effectively & efficiently. Explainer videos, help explain difficult products/services with ease and 80% of online viewers will remember your video and website because of it
  • Repetitive - People can easily watch the video again should they need to review certain points. Ie Staff training videos, How to videos & so forth.
  • Sharing - People viewing your video can easily share your video with friends/colleagues etc. This will also greatly assist with Search engine rankings of your website 
  • Increase Website Traffic - over 75% of web traffic is attributed to Video & nearly 70% of people who view your video will then click through to your website
  • Increase enquiries & Sales - People that view your video are 64% more likely to purchase your product or service


So if you are needing a quick, clear & effective  explainer video or corporate video for your Business, products and services then we have the know how and expertise to create a video that will elevate your profile and online content to new heights within youtube and on your website.                                                            



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